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CARELINE – the new care line from JORDAN Lacke for wood finishes

With the new Careline JORDAN Lacke offer products for care and cleaning of wood finishes – not only for furniture but also for parquet flooring.


To enjoy high quality finishes from natural wood material for a long time regular care and cleaning is required. With the new Careline care and cleaning agents from JORDAN Lacke the surfaces are not only protected but the use of this new care line also ensures long-term preservation of value for furniture and parquet flooring. The system contains products for oiled or painted finishes.


Besides the JORA-CLEAN basic cleaner JCG 920, a cleaning agent for surfaces with high susceptibility to dirt, such as flooring, we offer JORA-CARE maintenance agent JCW 930, a cleaning agent based on natural jojoba oil. This maintenance agent is very suitable for current maintenance care of oiled surfaces as well as for furniture care and that of less stressed parquet flooring.  


Furthermore we make available with JORA-CARE wax polish JCW 940 an easy to use wax polish with protecting characteristics for sealed surfaces. It is particularly suitable for the first care and for maintenance care of sealed parquet flooring. And last but not least JORA-CARE wax polish JCW 940 ensures effective edge protection.


Furthermore JORDAN Lacke offers with the JORA-CARE maintenance oil JCP 950 a versatile oil with short drying time for oiled surfaces. This oil is extremely suitable for first and maintenance care of oiled surfaces.


With the products of the JORDAN Lacke Careline JORDAN offers cabinetmakers/carpenters the possibility of giving their customers an added value and at the same time the matching caring or cleaning product for the supplied surface, be it a high-quality piece of furniture or ageless parquet flooring.