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CARELINE now also in small 200 ml bottles

New practical bottle size for Jordan Lacke careline


With the Careline care and cleaning products JORDAN Lacke offer several useful products to permanently protect wooden surfaces – not only furniture but also parquet floors – and to preserve their value.


High-quality surfaces from natural materials such as wood need regular care and cleaning to offer long-term pleasure with them. With the new CARELINE care and cleaning products from JORDAN Lacke you do not only protect the surfaces, but the use of the new CARELINE products also ensures permanent preservation of furniture and parquet floors. This system contains products for oiled or painted surfaces.

JORDAN Lacke have introduced a new can size for CARELINE care and cleaning products to give the joiner/cabinet maker the opportunity to quickly eliminate on site the last traces of assembly or to put the finishing touches on the furniture. The new 200 ml cans can be stowed in a space-saving manner in every tool case and consequently are always quickly at hand when time is of the essence.

Furthermore, the joiners/cabinet makers can offer their customers a real added value with the new 200 ml CARELINE bottles and can also the right care or cleaning product. For example, you can add it as a small present to the furniture manufactured by you and please your customer. In the long term you can use it to generate an additional business and offer suitable professional care and cleaning products that the customer can regularly buy from you.