Jordan CoatingsProducts and Solutions for the Craftsman

  1. Aqualine

    With AQUALINE, JORDAN® goes a step into the future. You too should rely on a water-based coating system: environmentally friendly and health-sparing, future-orientated and odourless.

  2. Decoline

    Good things can be developed further: DECOLINE. High-solids, economic and more eco-friendly. The decopaint-conform coating system convinces by many practical benefits.

  3. Classicline

    The coating systems from JORDAN® Lacke proven in practice introduce themselves: Proven, fast drying and price-conscious. CLASSICLINE – as the best coating is based on experience.

  4. Natureline

    With NATURLINE JORDAN® Lacke becomes green. This wood preservative does not only protect your wooden surfaces, but also the environment. Although NATURELINE provides effective protection against animal and vegetable pests it is environmentally friendly and health-sparing for human beings and animals.