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Competence in lacquer – conscious in action

Plantag Coatings informs about sustainability measures, resource and environmental protection


Producers of lacquers, stains, oils and waxes carry a special responsibility for the environment. Plantag Coatings from Detmold has been aware of this responsibility for years and has now summarised its actions on the topics of sustainability, environmental protection and safeguarding the future in their brochure.


“The earth is like a surface – sensitive and worth protecting” is the title of this brochure. However, since the topic of sustainability is not only a question of environmental protection, but also of looking ahead and securing the future it is also a question of the right perspective. So the view is taken from above on the topic, because you can only see the big picture from above. Plantag presents an objective snapshot of the measures in terms of sustainable action and shows that the topic of environmental protection has always been an important part of the corporate culture.


Plantag has been a “Cradle to Cradle” process partner in connection with customer projects for years. The focus here is on continuous and and consistent recycling management. The product life cycle is considered comprehensively, and resources are continuously kept in technical cycles.


In addition to this information on the resource-saving use of raw materials, the new brochure of the East Westphalian surface specialist takes a comprehensive look at the topic of sustainability and safeguarding the

future – from products to energy, packaging and logistics all the way to people. The focus is on safety, satisfaction and employee appreciation, among other things and social commitment and support of various associations and institutions.


In addition to the brochure, the topic of sustainability was also prominently placed in the online presences of Plantag and JORDAN Lacke, a brand of Plantag Coatings. The informative printed brochure can also be downloaded there.


Finally, the current communication strategy is not only intended to encourage Plantag to further efforts, innovations and actions, but also to encourage each individual to question themselves and engage in a more

sustainable approach to nature.