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International Sales Conference

Participants from 8 countries visited the Plantag Technikum

As part of the 3rd International Sales Conference, participants from all over the world met at the Plantag Coatings GmbH technical center in Detmold to inform about new products and their practical applications. In order to bring the employees from the various national companies up to date with the latest product developments, they are regularly trained in our own technical center in Detmold. From the manual application of various lacquer and stain systems to the mechanical application of a wide variety of oils, various new products from Plantag and Jordan Lacke were presented. In small groups, the participants were able to familiarize themselves with the new developments at various stations. Our CEO Hanno Baumann also gave the participants an outlook on the direction of future developments. The participants from India, Brazil, Romania, the Netherlands, Poland, China, Switzerland and Germany also took advantage of the opportunity for a personal exchange on the challenges and peculiarities of the respective target markets in order to recognize and exploit potential synergies.