Wide range of oils for different applications


JORDAN Lacke has published a new brochure specialising on the subject of oiling wooden surfaces. Under the motto “Natural, colourful, beautiful – natural surfaces in unimagined diversity with oils for furniture, stairs and parquet floors”, the new brochure provides a quick overview of the various products offered by the Detmold-based surface specialists.


Regardless of whether transparent or coloured, oils with high hardness or products based on renewable raw materials, variants especially for light-coloured woods or oils with a good accentuation of the grain, depending on the intended use or customer specifications, the user will immediately find the right product here. At the same time, the new brochure explains the various product properties in detail and also provides information on existing test standards.


In addition to one-component products, other variants are also presented that increase the resistance of the surfaces by adding a hardener component. The products presented are ideally suited for manual application, but some are also suitable for machine processing.


In terms of coloured oils, JORDAN Lacke offers its customers a special service: Using two types of wood, oak and beech, examples are shown of how all conceivable colour shades can be mixed from the 11 basic shades of 1K Deco-Oil-Color DO 630.


Download here