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New oils from JORDAN Lacke – coloured and transparent

Colour diversity with a natural appearance


JORDAN Lacke has two new oils in its range that are versatile in it’s usage. Fresh colours are available with the new, coloured 1C DECO-OIL-COLOR DO 630, while those who prefer a more set, natural look can turn to the transparent 1C DECO-OIL DO 640C.


For use on furniture surfaces, on parquet floors as well as on stair components and steps, JORDAN Lacke offers the high-solids, single-component DECO-OIL-COLOR DO 630. It is a low-odour oil with very good water- and dirt-repellent properties and a pleasant feel. It also has good chemical resistance.

In order to optimally fulfill customer wishes and to be able to set colourful accents, the glazing oil is available in 11 colour shades, which can also be mixed with each other. Available here are: Yellow, Oxide Yellow, Oxide Red, Red, Magenta, Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, White and Black. Due to the matt sheen level, the coloured oiled surfaces still appear naturally elegant. This leaves enough room for the character of the wood to be shown to its best advantage. In addition, the surfaces convince with a good gloss stability.


The new 1C DECO-OIL-COLOR DO 630 is cobalt-free, contains no aromatics and meets DIN 68861-1C (chemical resistance). The new product from JORDAN Lacke can be applied by spray gun, paint roller, wipe and roller coater application.


For those who prefer a completely natural appearance and want to retain the natural wood colour, JORDAN Lacke has a colourless variant with identical product and processing properties available in the form of 1C DECO-OIL DO 640C. In addition, the transparent oil complies with DIN EN 71, Part 3 (free of extractable heavy metals).


For further information, please contact your technical advisors.