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New water-based pigment stain

Pigment stain Aquastain-Color ASC 531


With the new AQUASTAIN-COLOR ASC 531 pigment stain, JORDAN Lacke is launching a coloured, water-based 1K stain on the market. With the ready-to-use stain, brilliant colours can also be produced.
The natural structure and grain of the wood is still preserved.


The new, easy-to-use AQUASTAIN-COLOR ASC 531 pigment stain impresses with its good filling power and levelling effect. It is particularly lightfast and does not fire the wood. All 9 base colours can be mixed with each other without any problems and produce bright, intensive colors. At the same time, the new colour stain has a mild odour, is free of toxins and, thanks to its low VOC emissions, is particularly environmentally friendly. A particular advantage lies in the fact that the new stain can be used under 1K water-based paints (no floating of the pigments) and under UV paints (no color change of the stain). It can also be overpainted with all conventional paint systems from JORDAN Lacke and impresses with it’s quick drying capability. AQUASTAIN-COLOR ASC 531 is suitable for use on a wide variety of solid woods (not suitable for exotic and wood-rich wood) and on finely veneered base boards.
The tools can be cleaned either with water or with the AQUA-CLEAN AC 460 (20% dissolved in water).
The new AQUASTAIN-COLOR stain system is available as ASC 531 in 9 base colours that can be mixed with one another, or as ASC 533 for all special settings. The colour strength can be reduced
at any time with the colourless base ASC 501