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New Water-based Varnish System from JORDAN LACKE

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Just in time for the start of “Holz-Handwerk” JORDAN Lacke are presenting their new water-based varnish system and thus will meet the needs of the topic environmental consciousness and sustainability. More and more people are becoming sensitive to ecological issues and well informed. That is why the future belongs to water-based varnish systems last but not least within the meaning of the sustainable treatment of our environment. Therefore JORDAN Lacke’s new water-based products from the AQUALINE range are a genuine alternative to solvent-based varnish systems.


With the 1-component AQUA-FILLER AF 430 JORDAN Lacke offer a modern water-based 1-component universal filler with excellent filling power and outstanding grindability. Furthermore it distinguishes itself by its perfect adhesion on vertical surfaces. This new filler can be painted over with all of JORDAN Lacke’s colour paint systems.


The new 1-component AQUA MAGIC-COLOR AMC 462 is a water-based, one-component colour paint which – thanks to its formulation – brings quality demands into accordance with environmental consciousness. Perfect finishing results can be achieved through its very high light stability and very good covering capacity. The very good covering of grinding grooves and the excellent gradient make easy processing possible and considerably reduce time and expenses for varnishing. Furthermore the high abrasion and scratch resistance ensure a finish which perfectly protects against everyday stress. The new water-based colour paint is available in all common shades.


The new easy to process clear varnish 1K AQUA-CLEAR AC 475 with high scratch and abrasion resistance is available in the gloss levels dull matt, matt and silk matt. Its very high light stability and excellent transparency make the creation of high-quality finishes with a very good warmth accentuation possible.


With AQUA-CLEAN AC 460 JORDAN Lacke offer a cleansing extract with good cleaning effect for machines, plants and guns. This very yielding concentrate is used for cleaning application instruments and tubes after coating with water-based varnish and thus achieves excellent cleaning results.


The new water-based varnish range is extended by the 2K AQUA-NATUREFFEKT AN 420. This new dull matt drying 2-component natural effect varnish captivates by its outstanding properties such as very high resistance and very good mechanical and chemical resistance; in addition, it impresses with its excellent optics and feel. This product is an environmentally compatible alternative to conventional varnish systems with which important savings in the field of VOC emissions can be realised. The 2K AQUA-NATUREFFEKT AN 420 is a colourless water-based varnish which dries as if it were applied on raw wood. The achieved finishes distinguish themselves by their decent and smooth feel and are ideal for natural and natural-looking wooden surfaces.