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Appealing like an oil and yet as safe as a lacquer. These properties describe the new 1K ECO-HARTWACHS-FINISH EHF 570 from JORDAN Lacke. The wax-oil combination can be used for parquet floors as well as in furniture and stair construction.


The newly developed, colorless oil-wax mixture from JORDAN Lacke combines the optical properties of a classic oil with the protective benefits of a lacquer. The 1K ECO-HARTWACHS-FINISH protects the surface like a conventional lacquer against mechanical and chemical stress. In addition, further maintenance of the surface is made easier.

The easy processing, the very good flowability and the particularly good penetration are to be emphasized. In addition, this new product stands out for its good water resistance and a beautiful grain of the wood.

The new 1K ECO-HARTWACHS-FINISH EHF 570 is not only used in the coating of parquet floors, stair components and steps, but also in furniture and interior design. The processing can be done with a brush, roller and spray application. It corresponds to GISCODE: Ö 60 and has been tested in accordance with EN 71, Part 3 and DIN 68861-1C.