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Plantag Coatings is preparing for the future



After purchasing a hall in the direct vicinity of the company in 2019, Plantag Coatings GmbH from Detmold has now purchased another plot of land with the corresponding buildings.


A 14,000 sqm plot with over 2,200 sqm of office and ancillary space was acquired from a neighbouring company. In addition, there is 5,750 sqm of production and storage space. At least 1,600 sqm of the building space is currently subletted to other companies. The company has concrete plans for the remaining space, some of which have already been implemented. Administrative departments, which are currently still spread over two locations, will be merged with an office space of 1,400 sqm. In addition, there are plans to set up a central quality management covering approx. 100 sqm. In order to shorten distances, a pneumatic tube system, is currently under construction, will be installed across the entire site so that samples, liquid samples, original documents, etc. can be quickly transported to the appropriate locations.


In the new production halls, a complete production plant for radiation-curing (UV, water-UV, ESH) products will be newly built on approx. 1,500 sqm. This means a tripling of the current capacity. The degree of automation will be increased significantly. A tank depot with a capacity of 300,000 litres for raw materials and a new truck refuelling station will be built on an area of approx. 300 sqm. In the future, the Plantag Group will focus on two main product lines, namely water-based lacquers and radiation-curing coating materials. A further area of approx. 200 sqm will be used for an automatic washing plant for mobile preparation containers.


For reasons of sustainability, the building will be connected to the district heating network of Stadtwerke Detmold. The district heating is generated from renewable raw materials and makes the production facility CO2 neutral in terms of heat – just like all of the other Plantag production sites on the Ohmstraße.


In addition, there are plans to build a completely new laboratory building on the existing space.