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The Parquetline from JORDAN Lacke


Plantag has now further expanded the Parquetline product line. Under the JORDAN Lacke brand, we offer a comprehensive range of products for finishing parquet floors – all under the motto “Protection and long-lasting value retention for the highest demands”.


The water-based 1K parquet primer ECO-BASE EB 500 is almost odourless, easy to apply and has very good flow properties. By priming the surface with the 1K ECO-BASE EB 500, the risk of joint adhesion is significantly reduced. It was developed in accordance with REACH, does not contain any hazardous substances and also has DiBt approval.


With the water-based 1K ECO-JOINT-FILL EF 510, JORDAN Lacke offers a joint filler that rapidly fills joints and recesses in wooden floors. The low-odour, environmentally friendly product has an extremely high filling capability. It scores with its good sanding characteristics and impresses with its very fast drying properties. 1K ECO-JOINT-FILL EF 510 is suitable for joints up to 3 mm wide.


JORDAN Lacke offers various products for the surface treatment of parquet. For example, the water-based top coat 1K ECO-FINISH in two gloss levels. 1K ECO-FINISH EF 553 is used when a silk matt surface is to be achieved. If the parquet floor is to have a matt look, 1K ECO-FINISH EF 555 is available as a further gloss level. Both variants contain no hazardous substances, were developed in accordance with REACH and also have DiBt approval. Due to the easy handling, the good run properties, the resistance against common household chemicals as well as a good abrasion and wear resistance the area of application extends to both residential and public areas.


Two other parquet lacquers are available as alternatives to the 1K ECO-FINISH. The 2K CLASSIC-FINISH CF 545, available in matt gloss, is a water-based lacquer for the surface treatment of parquet floors in residential and public areas. Developed according to REACH, it does not contain any hazardous substances and complies with the GISCODE: W2+. The 2K CLASSIC-FINISH CF 545 convinces with a good abrasion and wear resistance and is resistant to common household chemicals.

1K CLASSIC-FINISH CF 525 is a water-based lacquer for the surface treatment of parquet floors in the private sector. Available in matt gloss, it has almost the same processing properties as 1K CLASSIC-FINISH CF 545.


For those who want to achieve a natural accentuation of the wood, choose the 1K ECOHARTWACHS-FINISH EHF 570. The colourless wax oil is characterised by its easy application. It also impresses with its particularly good penetration capacity and very good water resistance. The very good run properties allow it to be used on parquet floors, stair components and steps, as well as in furniture and steps, as well as in furniture and interior finishing.