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Review Wood-Trade 2016

The Focus is on Stair Coating and Positive Stain

At this year’s Wood-Trade in Nuremberg JORDAN Lacke put the focus on the topics stair coating and positive stain. In this connection the new AQUASTAIN positive stain system was presented as the highlight product for coloured furniture design. Furthermore we presented the new water-based stair coating AQUASTEP TOP 492.


Colour design with Positive Character

With the newly developed AQUASTAIN positive stain system we present a water-based ready for use stain which generates a positive stain image on softwood. On hardwood it provides an equalising effect of the wooden surface and captivates by its high transparency and brilliant shades. From the optical point of view this stain system has been presented in the form of a big cube of which the sides had been stained with different shades.


Water-based Stair Coating

As a further product innovation we presented the new AQUASTEP TP 492. This transparent water-based stair coating can not only be used as a 1-component but also as a 2-component coating. It is VOC-conform and corresponds to the Decopaint directive. The clear coating convinces by its transparency, its good fastness to light as well as by its easy handling.