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  1. Plantag at the Coat India Expo

    Coat India Expo celebrates its premiere in August 2018. Plantag will be attending the new trade fair in Delhi from 2nd to 4th August 2018. We present our company and our products in hall 7-G, booth G-2.   On our booth we show selected exhibits of different wood surfaces with special coating constructions for the…
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  2. 10 years Plantag India

    10 years ago we have foundet the PLANTAG Coatings India Pvt. Ltd.. The company has developed very well and reaches double-digit growth rates every year. The company mainly supplies lacquer for the furniture industry. Kartik Mishra (center), director of Sales has been there from the very start. Now he received a certificate from Managing Director Hanno Baumann (on the…
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  3. PLANTAG Coatings at Homag

    At the premiere of the “Technologie-Treff” at the HOMAG CompentenceCenter in Herzebrock, we took part in the exhibition. In September 2017, 10 suppliers of the furniture and woodworking industry presented their product range. At the stand of PLANTAG Coatings GmbH, the interested professional visitor was informed about developments in the coating sector and the extensive…
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  4. PLANTAG India at DelhiWood

    PLANTAG presented itself for four days in the German Pavilion at the DelhiWood. Apart from the extensive range of wood varnishes, special applications for glass, metal and the refinement of leather materials were presented. In addition, effect lacquers for the industrial series coating of PVC edges were shown. As a new product, PLANTAG presented its…
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  5. Water-based coatings

    Water-based coatings Our pigmented and transparent systems are highly resistant. Most of the liquid coatings have a low formaldehyde content and consequently are not subject to labelling. Not only Mini-Martindale-resistant but also haptic and structured finishes can be realized.   Profile: Most of the liquid coatings are not subject to labelling, highly resistant to chemicals,…
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  6. Radiation-curing coatings

    Radiation-curing coatings Whether UV-conventional, UV-inert or ESH – with our systems you obtain finishes that are extremely resistant to scratches and chemicals. Finishes with top coat and effect finishes are also possible.   Profile: Suitable for excimer, many different gloss levels, flexible coating films, VOC-free, different curing processes.

  7. Solvent-based coating

    Solvent-based coating The solvent-based PU systems are very suitable for low drying temperatures and high speeds. And in addition, without troublesome straightening of the paper fibres.   Profile: Large process window, high speeds.

  8. Plaquadur

    PlaquadurWater-borne Coating System With our water-borne coating systems we realise important VOC savings and generate finishes that can compete with solvent-based systems. Design your surfaces in high quality to ensure a wide range of applications. Our water-based coatings of the latest generation offer you various possibilities for your coating tasks.   Profile: Coloured and transparent,…
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  9. Plantacell

    PlantacellNC Coating System Our nitrocellulose coatings offer you good value for money and, in addition, they distinguish themselves by their excellent processing properties. Thanks to their usual easy use with short drying times you will be perfectly equipped for universal applications.   Profile: Easy use, short drying times, universal applications, very pleasant look and feel.

  10. Plantalux

    PlantaluxUV-curing Systems Use the processing advantages of UV-curing and achieve shortest processing times thanks to curing in just a few seconds. Besides UV furniture coatings several systems for industrial floors rate among the fields of application of our PLANTALUX product range.   Profile: Immediate stackability and further processing after UV-curing, good chemical resistance, partly very…
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