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UV protection for light-stable surfaces

Aqua Sun-Protect SP 480


With the new AQUA SUN-PROTECT SP 480, Jordan Lacke offers a watery 1K multi-layer paint, which has the properties of a good sandable Primer combined with the surface effect of a top coat. The very good UV protection protects the wood against the natural yellowing process.


The new AQUA SUN-PROTECT SP 480 is ideally suited for the coating of weather-protected wall and ceiling coverings as well as decorative protection for wooden and furniture constructions. It offers excellent light stability and prevents the natural yellowing process. The colorless water-based paint is available in a “natural matt” gloss level and impresses with a very pleasant touch. We recommend using light wood such as spruce, fir, beech, maple, cherry and ash.

The new AQUA SUN-PROTECT SP 480 is easy to process and convinces with a quick drying. Another advantage is its good block resistance. The new water-based paint can be processed using a brush, roller, dipping, pouring and spray gun.